Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Apple truly doesn't fall far from The Tree

For the record...not much has gone as planned lately and our costumes were no exception.

We made the best of it... as you'll see!

Tristan was a HUGE hit. He would hold his bat trick or treat bag... walk up to the door, knock, say tick-oooo-teeeee when they answered.  I was SO proud of him because he would take ONE piece of candy,  most people were telling him to come back for more... and then he would say teee tooooo (thank you) then bye bye and walk away. 

It was truly awesome to watch him have so much fun.  Enjoy....

The Apple Tree and his little Apple

(and yes, I know that T's outfit is two different reds.  We were supposed to be in a colder climate... colder sweatshirt - nothing I could do about it)

Don't my boys look cute?  Holt bleached out the Apple Computer apple... can you see it?

 Oh yeah baby... here we are in all our glory.

I'll have you know, those two outfits cost me a crap load of skin from my knee and my finger (hot glue gun was H-O-T!)

And here I am.  A cowgirl.  How lame.  I was dressing up as his "Mummy" but a) I couldn't make it myself I needed Ginger; B) it was HOT c) IT WAS HOT

So... I did my best with what I had

Here we are #1 was Bumpa's and Bebah's.

Bebah answers and sees her little apple!


she's all proud and kept tossing candy in his bag (or sack as they like to say here - hee, hee, hee)

Then we stopped over to see Aunt Debby and Katelyn was home too!!

then he just marched right inside ... and helped himself to the bucket, played with the dogs, ran around for a sec.... greatness!

Debby's spooky punkins!
 then this guy... he had it going on!

TV in the front yard watching football and the Rangers game... a flaming pumpkin and some chow - nice! 

Then across the street was Daddy Howard and Mimi!!!

Tristan was so happy to see Daddy Howard to ran up the sidewalk with open arms to go grab some treats!!

then Mimi came out with the big bucket and of course, T scored!

after he gave hugs too!

showed off his good s and he was ready to move on.

he was all business.  he got it.  you walk, you knock, you say please - you get candy.  DONE!

Quick photo op for me though!

Then I talked Holt  into a few more houses....

he was instructing us as to where we were going to go...

then he went with Mommy....

Tic ooooooooooo teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

he would take one... and they would tell him to take more.  SOOOOOOOOOO cute!

Cowgirl with no head here....

oh there I am!

T's kinda creepy in this one... very Halloweeeeeny

 next please!
 We stopped by Ms. Birdie's house... Tristan's first nanny that I LOVE.  She was out with her grandkids, we had just missed her and I was so sad but her hubby was there.  Charles I think (terrible I can't remember)

They were all decked out... even some creepy stuff that T wasn't so sure about.

Charles told us about retiring as of November 1st, he was very happy and it was nice to see him ready to sit and rest awhile and enjoy the rest of his life.  man I love them!!

 then we went across the street...

trick was on us... no candy there!  T didn't appreciate that one for sure!

 then down the street a little... this lady loved Tristan..

she made him come back for more too

and here he is waiting on someone to answer....

then finally I ran in the house and let him trick or treat here.  He didn't come in.  he took candy and said thank you and waited.

I said you live here goof - come in! We all chuckled!

Then he went through his stash... he chowed down a 3 Musketeers (bleck) at Bebah's house, a Nestle's Crunch, some Tootsie rolls and of course... the last house gave him his beloved sucker.

 Trying to open the Crunch but Mommy said no more!

He went to bed with his bag.  He loves it.

 Daddy in the final moments of wearing his costume...

 Me about to call it a night and Tristan pushing the button saying "mommy, mommy cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese"

too cute!

Happy Halloween

Tristan helped me answer the door for a while.. and we would open the door and he would jump up and down and say tick ooooooooo teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 

then he would reach into his basket and give them candy.  it was SO cute and I was so proud of him.  We certainly don't need him eating all of it so once we went through what we bought, he gave away his. 

Ok, fine... I saved him a few.

 Daddy wants to make sure everyone understands... he IS the Apple Tree that loves Halloween and

 T... is the Halloween lovin' Apple!!!

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Nighty Night!

Fort Worth Air Show

Saturday we celebrated feeling slightly alive and took T to the airshow.  The walk from where we parked just about killed me. I should have known this wasn't the best idea.  I'm glad we went, it was fun and it made me think of my Dad, he would have loved to be there with us had we been human....

I wanted to get in here SO bad...

Or here...

But i felt so crappy that I was thankful that T wasn't older begging me to wait in all the lines to go inside.

I've got years of that coming so I was thankful for a pic!

This ones for Grandpa... look what was there?  THE STEARMAN!

 then I asked this guy to hold T's hand... he was sweet about it.

Not sure what I was doing...

 T had fun, screamed PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANE for hours...

I was so thankful that we went but the moment I sat in the car I realized we had done too much. I WAS hurting!

He woke up happy and played with the plane we bought him...

Cutie was hot as you can probably see by his pink cheeks...

then he took my camera and took pics of me.  not bad for a 1 year old

too cute!  he tries to be such a big boy!!

So we got home, I made him so food and at 7pm, I fell asleep.  I didn't make the whole Rangers game, heck, I passed out before Tristan.

Holt put him in bed at 8pm and I crawled into our room shortly after only to wake up at 7am this morning. I slept 12 hours straight which I don't think I've done since I had the flu in 1998. HORRIBLE.

So needless to say, I am taking it easy today. I haven't really eaten since Thursday because I was so afraid I was going to get the stomach bug, I didn't want to throw up food... plus I wasn't hungry.  So today, I'll try and eat, I'll relax.  We're skipping church today, laying low.  I'm going to attempt to make my pathetic Halloween costume and we'll take t out to a few houses in our neighborhood.

I haven't cried yet about missing our vacation.  It's the ONE thing I needed more than anything so I'm sure I will... but for today, I'm just thankful that we are on the road back to healthy. 

Holt's back is still out but he'll go to the doc this week and get "fixed" - my bronchitis... well, I think this takes a month but I'm coughing less so that's good and T appears to be getting better as well.  Think today we'll just focus on resting and relaxing and eating a healthy meal.

Again, Job, I respect you more than I can say... this felt like a plague... and I know it wasn't but somehow we survived this and please God... spare us this all at the same time in the future.

hope you enjoyed the pics!

(PS - I decided to put this in the blog so that if Tristan very asks..."Mom, my wife and I are so sick and I think Tristan Jr. is too... did this every happen to you and Dad?" I can say: "Yes...go read the blog!!")

(mind you as I type this, I still have on my clothes and makeup that I wore THERE because I've been too sick to give a crap)