Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

For my Grandma.... with wardrobe from Aunt Tracy!

See my basketball?  I wanna go to SU!!

Has anyone seen my ball?

You think SU is gonna win?

My Grandma sure does think so!!

What do you mean Aslan took my ball?  I need to practice!

Oh great... he bit it!


Look at it, it's pathetic!  But at least it's ORANGE like SU!!!

I'm gonna get that dog!

Love you Grandma... thanks for my outfit Aunt Tracy - I love you too!

GO 'CUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


The start of our project (s)...

The place where our summer dinners will be!

Our friends gave us's goig to be cleaned and spray painted cammo - trust me it won't be girly!!

The only thing missing here is a little pool!

The guard dog :)

Holt made this picnic table - perfect place to watch Tristan have a blast!

Auntie T and Unlce Mike gave Tristan this sandbox for Christmas... he is going to LOVE this!!

Simba likes to keep a close eye on things... cutie!

He smiling... he knows he's handsome!!

Once we have completed Tristan's play area.... you'll get "The After"


I'm comin' Grandpa

Grandpa... I heard you are sick.... I'm comin' to see you!!

Hey Da Da ...wanna come with me?

Ridin' on the handle bars....

My crazy boys!!

Getting ready for Easter

So for the little daycare buddies... for Easter- everyone gets a chick filled with goldfish and a Peter Rabbit book!

and Ms. Bertie gets a cross and Ms. Lisa gets a bag of goodies

Sorry, I didn't look at these until now and they are already packed away for daycare... so hopefully you can see his cute little card!

Hope everyone enjoys their early Easter gifts. We will be in Chicago the week before.... sooooo, they'll get'em early!

We're working on what traditions we would like to start for Easter. The bunny is fun, baskets are exciting but we are going to make sure that Easter is about Christ.... period!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First attempt

Love you Tristan Holt Barber!!

My second attempt at digital scrapbooking

Another class with Jennifer tomorrow - I can't wait!!!

I made his Easter card today too but I'm not posting until AFTER Easter!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


They were too cute to pass up posting!

I wanna be like my DA DA!!!

He is so cute and getting SO big... SOOOOOOOOOOOOO fast... I might need to have another one!

Check out all my cousins!!

With pizza up their noses!!

and then Had got stuck!