Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ta Da!!

The Tree (we call him Tiny Tim) is up

Train included!!

Letters to Santa are ready to go!

and we relaxed with a glass of red and Buddy!

And Holt recieved his gift early from Tristan.... a NEW FLIP MINO so we can do videos again - HURRAY!!!  (Tristan (literally) ate the last one and ruined it so he bought Daddy a new one)

It's officially time....


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ooooh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!!

We started off with Christmas music....

Then headed off to look for the tree....

Tristan had his first candy cane and looooooved it!

He ran looking for juuuust the riiiight one....

then we took a break and went to the park...

then we set up the nativity (last night) and of course had to reset it again today because the tornado (Tristan) hit again...
Last night I said "do you want to kiss baby Jesus?" he said "yes"... so I gave him to him and he stuck the whole thing in his mouth andI yelled "don't EAT baby Jesus!!!" and Holt ...from the other room said... "you just don't hear THAT every day!" Tee, hee, hee

More tree shopping... or candy cane admiring....

We went to Calloways first but they wanted $150 PLUS tax....
(they were awesome trees but no way) and these....
reminded me of home...

They really were nice...

and Tristan ran and found us juuuust the right one....

Once decorated, we'll send more pictures. We're half way there!!!

It's Christmastime!!!!

Tristan decided to help me get ready to decorate the tree. He has unbreakable ornaments that Kimmie gave us...fabulous idea!! now he has some he CAN play with!

I selected my Angel Tree boy this year... his name is Christian. I can't wait until next year, when Tristan can help me pick out toys that HE would want so we can give it to a little boy his age. Tradition #1 for sure!!

The we put the stockings our new ones? They were a gift... from an ...errrrr... friend. (My mom will get this joke....)

Then Tristan's Christmas books have been pulled out... one from his cousins....

and one from Gwamma!

Keeping in shape over the holidays is VERY important!

and one must keep their wits about them... no need to go crazy :)

And everyone needs a Christmas Elf....

That's all for now...more pics to come soon!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

More of our little Dickens!

We should have known...but we asked this guy that was on the phone to get our picture. So, here we are... a million miles away...not centered.. but hey - it's the three of us! Sorry Auntie T, will try again tomorrow at James and Sue's!

There was a petting zoo!! I was in hog heaven.... ok, Moo Moo heaven!!

Can you tell??

This llama stole my cup of food!

Tristan loved the goats...

a lot!!!

takes after his Mommy!!

They started to fight over us :)

then came more feeding...

Mommy teaching Bubby hot to pet a goat..they are soft!!

I asked Holt if I could hold one (knowing the answer) and he said "It's a PETTING zoo Doodle, not a holding zoo!" RATS!!

And there were bunnies...

I think this is where I got scolded for the "holding" comment...hee, hee, hee

Little man, you and your goat are soooooooooooo cute! By the way, I know his hat is too small, off to Target to get another one this weekend. I JUST bought him that one too - grrrrr

I want a goat and I WANT IT NOW!!!!!! (Mom, I know that is EXACTLY what you are thinking right now!!)

Close up :) I can't wait to buy him his first gerbil or mouse or something!!!

I didn't want to leave....

And more pics of the carousel...

they uploaded backwards

I just had to post them all, T is just SO darn cute!

We arrived too late to see Santa, but we'll see him when Grandma is in town. We had great luck last year with Grandma and Santa... maybe it will happen again! Plus, we'll have lots of fun pictures riding the Polar Express with Mattie (they will have matching little "jammies" and then we'll be taking a carriage ride with Kelby and Jen we'll ave many more photo ops!!
Love you all..hope you enjoyed the first of our many celebrations!!!
Happy Thanksgiving...and onto Merry Christmas we go!

Dickens of a Christmas!

Tristan was beside himself angry that we made him wear a sweatshirt.. HATES jackets
but we decided no time like the present to make him "deal"

Tristan meets his first reindeer!!


Waiting in line for the carousel!

Got him in a hat too - it's our lucky day!!

He looooooooved Frosty (even though he looks a little creepy today!!)

Handsome Holtie!!

Me n my boy!

Around on the horsey we go!!!



Close up of the cutie!

More to come but I've used up all the room on my blog so I had to pay $5 and wait for my "space" to hit my account so I can post more. Petting zoo to come!!!

Love you all, The Barbers