Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tristan's first day at "school"

This is Ms. Lisa... She used to watch Mr. T

she sent us a letter today...with pictures.  It was very sweet!

And this is her daughter Robin who T has a crush on!!

Letter bigger...can you read it?

He started school this past Monday... Primrose!

They gave us a cute little bag...

And every day he gets a "report" sent cute is this!?

Love it!  What more can a mom ask for??

Oh wait... ART WORK!!!

Like my ladybugs Auntie T?

Holt, my dad and I came to drop T off for his first day.  After about 1 minute (and I'm not exaggerating) he climbed down from Holt's arms...walked up to the table and took a seat.  The kid never looked back.

I love it! I think... *SIGH*... getting so big so fast!

Great job Tristan, we are all SO proud of you!!!

From when my mom was here....


Talkin' to Gwamma



Big boy

As is still lookin' for food!

Nope...just another ball!

He knows we're hiding chicken somewhere...

and Simba... Sim Sim could care less!

More old pics

Such a cutie

He loves to STAND on his toys...(UGH!)

All dressed up...

He's gonna grab his back scratcher...

and head OUT!

Holt's been holding out on us!

How does he like asparagus?  Appears..VERY much!

I found a ton of pics I've never seen... here's to bloggin!

Dad's Father's Day gift from the Kinson's and the Barbers

You'll have to go check out YouTube and look at all the videos of Grandpa flyiiiiiiiiiing over Dallas!!

This was when we told him....

this is when he was going up...

this is after:

We will be putting more videos and more pics up but Dad still has to send them to me... so I cheated and posted from my screen - better than nothin'!

WUHOOOO!  We got this year's gift VERY right Sissy!!!

We are all so glad you loved it dad!

Love, Holt, Julie, Tristan, Lee, Kelly, Zachary and of course.. Aslan, Simba, Kita & Dex!

It's almost my birthday....

Look what I got!!

From my mom:

This is a wall unit on the top... with hooks to hang clothes and stuff and then a bench below...

these are the baskets for above...
These are the cushions  for the bench...

and then my dad bought me this (we'll use as a room divider)
and of course....Tristan HAD to get something(s) from Grandpa!!


something to go BANG, BANG! on... and of course.. a gift in honor of BBC!

Happy Birthday to me - wuhoooo!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father's Day came early....for Holtie!!

Prince Charming told me dreamt of a great idea...for Daddy!!

So he told me and I agreed!  Let's give Da Da a HEALTHY present!!

So I wrapped them... in paper covered with Tristan's face... like it?

And added the gift from the dogs and one from ECM (East Coast Mom)....

Isn't my mom creative?

What I neglected to realize was... I didn't have quite enough Tristan paper... soooooo, I had to cover the spaces that weren't wrapped with a sticker (Holt got home quicker than I expected) soooo, I brought out the boxes to tease him.

One problem... you can see "Wii" through the sticker.  OOPS

So he opened them like a kid on Christmas morning....

Tristan didn't quite "get" Wii Sports

or Wii Resort...

But Daddy fully understood, Wii plus an extra Nunchuck and remote!

I said "Now you don't have anything for Father's Day!" He said "Yes I do, you two!"

Awww, he meant four of course... and awwwwwwwwwwwww

So... I guess all that's left to say is


Saturday, June 12, 2010

The beginning of Tristan's new room!

Wanna see how my new room is coming along?

We're moving so we can't do too much..
well this is sideways ...the soccer ball and football hold it up so tilt your head left  :)

this is T's quilt that he can't use until he's 2..

This is his chalkboard that I decorated and there is a special note because Grandpa is coming to visit soon!!

the room is not set up the way I would like but I'm out of room so I had to compromise

I LOVE these baskets and these little chalkboard signs. So as you change what is in there you can re-write the name.  Love it!

Here's his piggy bank and his bin for cars.. for now it's holding the letters that need to be put on the wall

These are the little pillows that are decorative now but when  it's his toddler bed (in about 6 months or so) they will be what makes it look daybed-like.

Here is his beanbag - Love it!!  Notice anyONE here Kel?

that bin above says "Blocks" on it!  Love Pottery Barn for Kids!!

This is the wall where his dresser used to be
it will be where his table and chairs goes - they should be here in a week.

It will also be the wall we hang up his book case...

Here it is... so awesome... they will all be up and off of the floor!

These are the letters that will spell out his name on the wall - too cute!!

Where his toys are against the wall - is where his two toys bins will be.  Aunt Trisha and Uncle Mike shipped me an awesome one that once he is in a bigger room we will stain and use.  Then what we have on it's way will be used in the house to store toys and shoes.  Will show you later once it arrives. :)

Notice Tristan's new crib?  I liked the other one better... but this is cute too!

So do you like my room??  Still not done.......

I received a digital picture frame for Christmas and decided to finally load it up and put it in Tristan's room so he can watch all the people that love him as he falls to sleep!

These are some wall hooks that will be used to hold his jackets and stuff - they are really cute...

Holt will probably have to spray them so they can become DALLAS stars!!

And finally... # 1, 2 & 3 were sold out... so I decided to get 4, 5 & 6... they are hooks.
Now I will go to Home Depot and get 1, 2, 3, 7, 8 & 9 in funky house numbers and use those to decorate around the hooks. Creative don't you think?

Lastly... I bought this for me.  There are 5... for 5 days of the week. 
The cork board will have the day (M, Tu,W, Th, F) on it
What you can't see is a red board that is magnetic
and then a blue board that is magnetic so it will be
3 across and 5 down
Then, as things come up, it's a great way to communicate, post forget-me-knots, etc.

I LOVE it and can't wait to move and put it up in my office!!

Here it is at Pottery Barn Kids so you can see what I'm talking about

Hope everyone likes it.  I just pray our next house can contain my creativity... I have so many ideas and can't wait to make our new place "HOME"

Who wants to come visit?  :)