Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A day of firsts....

I don't have any pictures... BUT...

Today, Tristan climbed up his chair and onto the couch... THEN proceeded to come back to the edge and try and get off face first.  I showed him the "better" way...two seconds later, he lets himself down feet first.


Then, we are in the bathtub and I show him how to make a basket with his fish on the hoop attached to the wall... he does it... TWICE.


I showed him today what a ball was and then I was tossing it up against the wall.  About 5 minutes (and 20 toys later) I asked him where the ball was... he went and picked it up and gave it to me.


I then was at Debby's today and I asked Tristan where the dog-dog was..he pointed to Luke. I asked him where the kitty was and he pointed to their datschund... Callie... (close enough - sorry Deb!)


Oh and last but not least... I told Tristan "no!" and he did not like that. Today is the first day he threw himself onto the floor in a screaming, red faced fit and I gotta say - it was HILARIOUS. 


Lord help me!!!

He's famous!

I don't know how well you will be able to see this...BUT...

Because Tristan won photo of the year at Balfour Beatty....every month for 2010...the winner will receive this VISA!!!

How stinkin' FUN is that!!!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My One Year check-up and to Ms. Lisa's I go!

Guess what?

I went to the doctor and was a brave boy... I had to get lots of shots!

Dr. Kats told me I weighed 20 lbs. and 4 oz... I'm bigger than my kitty kitty Christmas!

I'm getting tall like my Da Da too.. I'm 30 3/4"

I'm really really smart - my head is 47 1/2" - 75-90th percentile!  Dr. Katz told me I'm about 3 months ahead of schedule because I can say:
Da Da, Ma Ma, kitty, kitty, dog dog and Andy... (Auntie Connie's dogs name)

I walk like a champ too...

whaaaaaaaaaaaat?  No more bottles?

It's time to get off the bottles and onto milk in my sippy cups... yowza!

I can't deal with that now... I want to play instead

If you want, you can come over and play with me too!!

Friday was my last day with Ms. Bertie... I start at Ms. Lisa's house on Monday.  My mommy cried... Ms. Bertie cried... so I cried... but at Ms. Lisa's house I get to play with more big kids like me not like the babies at Ms. Bertie's.  (Mommy is still very sad BUT I get to go back for one day on Feb 5th and see Ms. Bertie cuz Ms. Lisa is on vacation!)

I'm a big boy!!!

Lots of change going on....

what are you lookin' at?

Don't worry, I'm a big boy, I'll help my Mommy and Daddy get through it!!

I love you all, Love, Tristan

Random birthday shots...

Yeaaaah, it's my birthday!

Mattie learns Pin the Tail on the Dog Dog!

Davis was the little kid winner!

T now has his own work bench!

Sweet Mattie

The games begin

Holy blue baby Batman!

Thank you very much Connie!  :)

My little man

Oliver kids... Megan and Lauren

T and Aunt Kimmie and Bebah

Lauren's turn

they wait...

I think Holden was scheming!

kickin it

Davis gives it a shot

Hadley the big kid WINNER!

Lane gets masked...

cheer leaders

Holt hands out gifts to winners

Present time!

What'd ya get T?

Mommy helped

T drinks a COKE from a STRAW

I OBVIOUSLY didn't know he could do that!!

Birthday boy!

Frame from Connie - important facts from his birthday - LOVED IT!

Tristan has his own birthday plate (a Coggeshall tradition - thanks guys!!)

Holden gave Pin the tail a shot


and a very dirty baby!

T and Auntie Jennifer (Mattie's mom) and my friend that is a serious prayer warrior in my life...

T and Auntie Connie (the other person that keeps me sane at work!!)

Sorry they are out of order but they've changed the blog and I don't have time to figure it out!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

My SECOND 1st birthday

More will come but Holt combined a video of T's birthday for all to see!