Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My gramps would be proud

I made my first two loaves of Italian bread today and they were pretty darn good!!!

Made the dough in the breadmaker... and popped it in the oven

took the fur kids for a run, showered and then finito!!

AND... Mr. Picky approved!!

Off to go downstairs and see if he at it all yet.

YAHOOO!!  My family WILL eat healthy yet!!!

Thank you Ruth Ann for giving me my breadmaker!!!

Son of a sailor....

Holt loves that song...and he loooooves to sail. So for his birthday (October 20th and yes, I know it's not here yet...) my mom, my dad, his mom and dad and I went in on Round 1 of sailing lessons.  He looooooooooooved it!!!

Here is the link to the guys website so you can see the class.

T had fun playing at the yacht club play area

I WISH my camera were better - what a cute picture this is!!!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (that's what he calls slides)

Daddy was out sailing...

and I just smiled and watched both of my boys having a blast!!

Thank you to both of our families for making Holt's weekend (and future) spectacular!!!!

Fun with Auntie Connie and Lauren

T and I met up with Connie and Lauren and oooooooooooooh what fun we had with the water fountains!!

then we went shopping and found this little toy store.

Look out Harry Connick Jr.!!

Man, that kid is cute!!

Connie once again spoiled Tristan rotten and bought him PJ's and silly bands (which he looooves)

and I bought him a new pair of kicks because he was having trouble with his Crocs at daycare.  Pics of those to come soon!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Forgot to post

On Friday... Tristan got his first Happy Gram - Just had to share - it's too cute!

Here it is in full...too cute!

AND...Simba turned THREE - WOW!

So, today... I think I'll share some of my homemade bread with him.  My new hobby - YUM!!

Tomorrow I have to get a few ingredients and I'll be trying to make ITALIAN... if it's any good..

I just might have to force my mom to buy one of these things. The bread is awesome (and costs about 50 cents)!!

So I lost my digital camera...

Can't find it until I can afford one again... you'll have to deal with pics from my phone!

So one of the VP's in the office received balloons for his bday.  Knowing how much of an addict T is.. he gave them to him. Let's just say that getting him to eat was NOT easy...

Jennifer and Mattie gave Tristan a KinderMusik CD and 2 others that we haven't listened to yet..

How cute is this little card on top? See, I'm learning.. you don't just give the CD, you quickly make a tag from your digital scrapbooking to impress the heck out of the mom too!  Thank you Prescott family!!

Note to self....and idea stolen!

Here is Tristan sharing a smoothie with Mommy since Daddy is off sailing...

the cup is almost as big as he is!

And then I took T to the park..this is the big kid slide and it causes major static cling - hilarious hair T!!

at the middle of the pic (which you can't really see) is my street and I'm three houses up on the left.  How is this for convenient?

This is the little kid slide which, of course... Tristan has no interest in.  Apparently not dangerous enough.  Ugh

Here he is just hangin' around...

big kid slide... that he won't go down unless I do. He says
"Mama, up, up..wee, wee, peeeeeeeeeeeeeeease."
Who could say no to that?  Not me... I went down the slide 6 times today.  Ugh.

and here is some more of the big kid area... he loves it!

and this is the part that he can't quite understand why
A) he can't walk across
B) I can't carry him across
C) can't magically transform into a conveyor belt!

And this is one big shot of the big kid area... I know I know...dangerous.

Another last shot of the monkey.  Feel free to come and visit and take a turn... he would stay here for HOURS if I would let him!!


Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm getting creative in my old age!

Sooo, yesterday I cooked dinner AND used my new breadmaker to make a steamy hot loaf of bread, YUMMO!  Tristan and Holt loved it... next I'll be trying to master a loaf of Italian.

While everything was baking... I finished this for T... I bought the lazy S from Target for $5 and then each of the buckets were in the $1 bin!  I screwed them in (glue didn't work because T pulled them off) and viola!

Pottery Barn's may be cuter.. but mine is $35 CHEAPER!!


Apples for the teachers!  I took 3 apples (only 2 here because Holt ate one so I had to go back to the store) and then made leaves with To: Teacher name Love: Tristan Barber
and then attached Starbucks gift cards.

Apparently only one was in tact when Holt got to the classroom... but I had to cut him some slack. He had Tristan, Tristan's bag, blankie, check, 3 dec'd out apples and a box of cupcakes for T's "first" day of school.

School year begins today.... I already know what thank you I'll be doing for the teachers...

It has something to do with him being FORTUNATE to have those teachers for his first year at Primrose.

I guess you'll just have to wait and see.

Plus, I don't want to rush things... I LOVE my little man - LITTLE!!

Now, onto planning our constumes for Halloween.

Off to Kentucky... I know what Holt and Tristan will be.  I know what John and Collin will be...

now to figure out something kick butt for me and Ging!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

T and his plane

Here's T waiting to depart ROC (eating his sucker from Grandma of course)

Could he be stinkin' cuter?

I think not!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Doing my best to stay in shape

At Hoopes Park with Grandpa!

Hydration is key...

Workin' out my mouth :)

Swim lessons


Rest is vital!

Chug uh chug uh... chug ug chug uh!
Frontal raises..

Ahhh snuggles!

And THAT'S a wrap!!

Goodbye NY - I will miss you!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Date with Holtie

Well, my mom did us a "favor" and watched T so we could go out on a date!

We went and walked around old town Skeneateles... and had a blast!  Holt ate Lobster Bisque at Doug's Fish Fry... he said it was great but I don't like it so I wouldn't know...

we ate in front of this tank:

and then we ate a quick lunch and then toured the lake... here's a little snippet and of course.. some pics of the homes!!

Skaneateles Lake

Mid-Lakes offers cruises each day from mid-May to October 2 on beautiful Skaneateles Lake located about 40 minutes from downtown Syracuse. From a 50-minute sightseeing cruise to our US Mailboat to our Champagne Dinner cruise there's something for everyone! The Judge Ben Wiles and the Barbara S. Wiles are named for the owners' grandparents.

•Many stately homes, old and new

•The Sherwood Inn, originally a stagecoach stop

•Stella Maris, quiet retreat on the village east side

•Steep and wooded hill sides at the southern end
and we got to see many, MANY of these....

Tiny little boat house (yeah... sure... tiny)

Thanks for everything mom... we had a blast!