Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More randomness... imagine that!

A few more pics from my Dad... from the MNS... so fun!!

And I bought this for a buck at Target... best thing EVER... one side hold (and catches) a Popsicle stick the other is a cone... mastermind.. should have charged more - I would have paid $10!!

So this past week I had to work at my boss's lakehouse... this is one of our Officer's dock... it's ridiculous
and do you see Holt..not a spider in sight... spray Viper!!

Then we went back to Mark's little humble pad... it is HUGE... and beautiful and 4 of us (ladies only) stayed there.. If only I had more time!!!

I call this the Pottery Barn room...

Sleeps 6 kiddos.. totally a blast and this is about 1/100th of the house.  Yowza

Here's the little man in his life jacket and of course... lookin' like a cutie in his hat!!
Bet you Yankees wanna squeeze him huh!?

This is Maddox... Kelby and Jennifer's sweet 3 year old boy - man I love this kid!!!


And this is Riley... she rocks!  Max stayed in side.. he's their other little doggie!

And.. this is the Princess of the Sea... Ryan. Is she a cutie or what?  Makes me want to have a little girl.

Ok, I'm over that now :)

We had a great weekend with friend and we are still settling into our new house.. just in time to pack and head off to NY to stay with my family for a week.

Tristan will meet his step-brother Rally when we go home and of course... see the rest of his family. He is so stinkin' fun right now.. just you guys wait!!

Love you all, me

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More random fun

Holt built me my birthday present from my dad last night.. like it? I LOVE it!!

Then on Sunday... Tristan and I delivered cookies and this note to our neighbors...


Here are a few lake pictures... Trisan LOVES the water!

Swimming with Da Da!

He even loves to jump off the deck (ugh) and go under water!  YEAH!!

Can you tell he's having fun?

I'm gonna get killed for this one someday...

He had a rash so we had to let him... um... air out :)

Is that the cutest naked baby ever or what people??

We're off to the lake with friends this weekend, lots more pics to come!!

The order is all jacked up... but you'll live :)

Its taken me forever, I've been a little busy but here's some pics for ya... My desk at work on my bdayMy tiara and my wine glass from Connie.  She filled it with ice water all day... it was great!
My sunflowers from Margie!!
Ok... here comes the random... this was at the MNS when we went with my dad... HUGE bubble makers!
And this is Grandpa saying goodbye to Nugg on hisfirst day of school
Firemen Barber
In the making...but being a fireman is too dangerous (GULP)
He found a lady friend ;)
Thumbs up!
he didn't like the hat very much!

Oh and here we go to the flight museum...think Holden is happy?
This is right after Dad found out...think HE was happy?

Back to Tristan's driving to MNS...

At the school.... with Daddy of course!
Oh imagine this...back to MNS for some water play time!I think he liked it!

Ok, that's all my randomness for today.  I'll get pictures of him tonight in his room so you can see how cute it is. We aren't done...lots of "hanging" stuff to go...

Love to my Yankees and I can't wait to see you soon!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Serious cuteness alert!

Guess who loves Pirates Booty??

And grapes....

and last night I cut up his sandwich for dinner...but he wanted MINE! (of course!!)

Ignore the creepy dog eyes (hee, hee)
anbd this one's cute!

hmmmm, which do I take first?


Imagine this... Tristan with something that has a cord!

don't ya just wanna snuggle?

I could eat this face!

I warned you...SERIOUS cuteness alert!!