Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy 3rd birthday Davis!

I don't have many pics.... but here are a few!

We gave Davis a dump truck just like Tristan's and he loved it!!

Man he loved this balloon... and can you believe it, it's orange.  Wonder if Da Da had anything to do with that?

He's hired!

Grandma and I took T to Babies-R-Us....

and he "worked"

and played...

we had a blast at Babies-R-Us...

think Tristan left without a present? Not a chance... Grandma bought him an airplane


(More) Presents for T

I forgot to post this... Mattie and Jennifer bought Tristan an umbrella...thankfully I'm not superstitious!
and these are gifts for Tristan's birthday from Christie and Cammy!

And of course... Aunt Jeanne could NOT have my mom come and visit and not send a cute little outfit and a swim suit!!

Thank you everyone... is this kid spoiled or what??

Grandma came for a visit

and she has most of the pictures I took...on her camera....

Oh Grandmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... we need to blog!
My favorite...

although this one is adorable!


I have a few videos for YouTube...will upload now!

Thanks for everything Mom - I miss you too!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

He's 15 months old!!

He's 15 months old!!

Can you believe it? Ugh............ DOUBLE UGH!!

Weight: 22 lbs 8 oz (10% - 25%-ile) - Lean like Da Da (sooo not me here!)

Height: 31 1/2 (50-75%-ile) - Tall like Da Da (not me again)

Head: 48 1/2 (75-90%-ile) - duuuh! He's smart!! (dang it... are we sure he's my kid!?)

Well - he also has molars coming in and I believe that has been what is getting him up every night and is crying unconsolably... poor little man!!

He just started Baby Benedryl for pollen allergies that cause him to have a runny nose that he can't kick!

Hehad a shot :( and had a mild fever but was a-ok this morning!!

He is 85% off the bottle but should be 100% - oh well. Shoot me... when that's all he'll take at 3am, he wins.

He brushes his teeth every night by himself and he loves it! He has a regular and an electric toothbrush - too cute!

He has had 4 time-outs by me. He loooooves the dog's water bowl. He is VERY aware of the word "no" and he gives you this crafty little "I'm gonna bat my eyes at you and get away with murder grin" and does what I tell him not to. Hence... 4 time outs. He's actually done VERY well with them and then he does something else..Super Nanny what would I do without you!!??

We ignore his temper tantrums and just walk out of the room. It's hilarious.. he's like "Um, EXCUSE ME.... I'm trying to get you to give me what I want... WAIT... where did you go?" "Na Na, Ma aMa, Da Da... " then byt he time he finds us he's happy again - greatness!!

Will update with pictures soon - sorry... just my blah, blah, but it's important - BLAH!!

AND... lastly.. he's a very picky eater - SEE THERE IS PROOF - HE IS MY KID!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Who wants to come over for dinner?

Simba is the first taker... anyone else?  I even have Tristan's little travel high-chair... dinner as a family - outside this weekend - WUHOOOO!

He just snuggled... he was tooooooooooo cute!



Well, we gave him his first sucker the other day....

so today I thought... aw, why not...

HE LOVED IT (again) - totally my kid!

He kept sharing with me though (so I made out in the deal too) AND he gave me the tootsie roll (ok fine I ate it) - YEAAAAH!!

No he's not picking boogies

Then Simba wanted some and T wasn't having any of that!

Onto Pop Rocks next - just kidding............... (maybe)

Da Da finshed and this ROCKS!!

Holt bought be this roadrunner and I think he is hilarious...but that's not why I'm blogging

AND he added plants that you can't see very well

but he kicked butt!

We will be enjoying this until our house sells...this HAD TO add value to our backyard. 

Guess where we'll be eating next week Mom?


Monday, April 5, 2010

Pics from Mattie...

He sent these over today so I just had to post!

Debby digitally enhanced... cool stuff huh!?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holtie... this one is for YOU

My hubby just said

Oh my gosh Doodlie.. you've done like TWENTY blogs today... why ALL today?

I replied.. um HELLO... because my family is dying in NY not seeing the little man and I have to get this done!

So.. for you... one more.. tee, hee, hee


He looks like a teen here - ha!

My other son...........I love you Aslan!!

Happy Holtie? My last one!

Nighty Night all!!

I'll send pics from my sis-in-law from the Easter Egg hunt today when I get them!

Hoppy Easter but truly I celebrate Him!!

Well, I know I'm early ... but I really struggled with this "holiday".  YOu see, I don't take Easter lightly.  For all of you calling me a Jesus Freak... congrats, you are right... I am.  I am 100% sold out for my faith and while I don't always live it out - my heart cries to be better than who I am today.

So, what did I want for Tristan?  Well, I wanted and hope to remain wanting a mix.

I love the Easter Bunny. I think he rocks.  I think that having him come and leave gifts, well.. it's F-U-N and I will never take that away from Tristan.  Our Easter was filled with baskets and gifts... cards and eggs - it was a blast.  BUT, it was missing something.  Tristan is too little to "get it" and too young to understand that this holiday isn't about the bunny, it's about a Savior.  So going forward, I will find ways to celebratethe bunny, the fun wonder of it all..but we will see the joy in Christ being the risen God that lives within us.  I will not allow my son to go one more year without hearing truth.  Today I sat down with him and read the Easter Story that my friend Jennifer gave us. It was awesome.  Well, for me of course... Tristan just laughed and played but I prayed that his little tiny spirit would know and hear... they say to plant a seed and today, I started.

Next year - we'll do the bunny BUT... we will make a MUCH bigger deal about the Man who has risen... who has saved us and who IS alive today!!

I've heard of these so I bought them....

I also think we will make a point of reading the Easter Story and doing something of sacrifice.. not sure what... but I'll figure something out!  Same goes for Christmas .. we'll have a good mix!

God bless you all - Happy Easter!!  Thank you Lord for all you have done and continue to do in my life!!!

this is pathetic...

After going through all of my pics... NONE of me and Deb! My final of T and Seth... sheesh!  We stink Steiner!!

Wonder World rocked but these kids has ZERO interest in photos!

I MISS CHICAGO............ love you guys!  MWUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

To the zoo with Uncle Brad, Aunt Natalie and T's cousin's Christian and Josh!!

Could this be CUTER? Not staged... Christian (on the left - he's my OTHER child) and Joshy... just walked up to Tristan (we said your cousin) and they hugged... how cute!!!

I couldn't love her more than I do...MY NAT....

Here Kitty Kitty... this cat was AWESOME!

We should have taken more pics... but this was all we got... merry-go-round!

Of course I made Daddy ride a kitty kitty!

Here's Christian.... I love this kid!!

and Nat and Joshy!

Da Da and T
Chi-Chin (it's how he used to say Christian!)

I love these kids.. and miss the Simpsons tons!!!