Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tristan meet GG Joe and GG Joan

Tristan... you now have payback for all of those naked shots...

Look at Aunt Kelly's hair... Uncle Lee looks 12... then there is GG Joe sitting down....

the on the other side of the tree is GG Joan, Uncle Johnny and Uncle Mike

then on the floor... Mommy (yes, I wore my hair like that on purpose)

Gwamma... YES that is YOUR Gwamma... And Aunt Trisha... and on me is your cousin Zach. He's busy though, he's on the phone :)

Here is Aunt Trisha and Zachy

and the family once again with the addition of Aunt Jeanne... Uncle Johnny finally smartened up and always brought her with him!!!

Just thought T would like to see some old shots of the family. Tristan, GG Joe and GG Joan were my Grandma and Grandpa... they were the BEST grandparents ever. I'll tell you a million stories and so you know... you WILL get to meet them someday in heaven!!!

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