Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jones Family Photo shoot

Grace is almost 6...I still can't believe it. JJ... well, he'll be 6 forever... my sweet Sue.... one of my best buds here in Texas and little Davis... he's bruiser or he likes to call himself chicken.

Why you ask? Well, I call T "Bubba" and "Nugget" as you know... and Sue called Davis "Bubba" and he said "Mama, I'm not Bubba, I'm chicken... ya know, like Nugget" - OMG!!!

So he's chicken...

aren't they cute!?

Yes, same one over and over and over...

This one is my favorite... they better frame it!

I think Gracie has had enough :)

Lots more to come!


  1. Great pictures and I love Davis' logic on the chicken nugget.....oh the innocence of children!!!!...glad that you had so much fun...

  2. That is really a very cute story about what Davis told his Mom about his nick name "Chicken". Very cute indeed. Thanks for sharing!!

    You all look like you just have a great time together -- awesome!! XXOO Aunt Trisha