Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Saturday, January 1, 2011

NYE with the Jones'

Cutie! I think he's ready for camping... serious head gear there!!

Boo and I kickin it before getting in the hot tub.....

JJ having some banana pudding "stuff" after din-din

Gracie being silly

DINNER - YUMMY! Steak and Lobster... the grown-up way to celebrate NYE!!

A loose tooth gets a little assistance from a lobster claw :)

Tristan checks out the "peeps" that we're about to eat!

LOBBY the Lobster!

Bouderaux - stinkin' cutie!

and my little stinker...

Is this kid cute or what???

little ham!

Grace the princess! Oh and let me say it so that it is recorded somewhere... Grace Jones at about 9:30pm on Friday, December 31st... jumped into a FREEZING cold pool on her own accord because she saw Uncle Holtie do it and thought it would be cool. So proud of you Gracie!!!


Davis started it and T wanted in!

We had such an awesome time... 4 years in a row! Happy New Year!!

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