Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Outdoor shots

Helloooooo handsome....

I have no idea why I look so spooked...

Happier here :)

Tristan and Uncle Sue....

He loves Uncle Sue...


Don't do it Sue... don't say yes :)

He snagged her again... lucky dog!

River dance :)

Uncle JJ and Gracie

Mommy and T

Why I'm choosing to post a butt shot is beyond me... Ugh (ya know as in the boots) LOL

Uncle Sue and Davis... he had one wet foot here. Thankfully that was the only casualty!

I told you this dog thinks he's mine....

Prior to the photo shoot...

Daddy and T!


Tristan's turn! Mom you would have had a heart attack...he did 90% of it by himself. I was so proud of him!

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  1. glad I didn't have to watch, because I would have freaked little cutie is growing up too fast...